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Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

Some Videos

Well, i'm back with some videos ^^

Well, anything seems fine except the resolution is too damn low
In this video i'm using BONE ENB

Another video from me

The resolution is adjust to 360p, make it more comfy to see
In this video i'm using Gionight best ENB by Gionight
Btw be carefull, it's LAGGGGGG !!!

Next, my third video, i make it from GTA IV Video Editor. So it's not too laggy

And My latest video, it's little laggy but it's more playable than my second video.
If you have a time to watch, watch it

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Btw my specs :
Core i5-2300 2.8 Ghz
GT220 1 Gb (This is one who make my game laggy)
4096 MB of RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate

FPS ? Looks good in my eyes because my eyes is adapted to looking some laggy games
09-15 FPS in average ( |o|~ )

OK, see you next time ^^ !

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