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Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

My Own Mod (But not for released) - Part 2

My recent mod, but i don't released this because many reasons

1. MONAS (National Monument)

Drowned Monas, hahaha
Converted from Sketch Up, to 3D Max to GTA IV and here you are The Monas. Why i'm not released this ? because i don't have any permission from the model maker

2. Triple Liveries for Ferrari 458 Italia

One of those liveries
3 Liveries, Army Skin, Batik Skin, and Contaminated skin... but i neither don't have time to share and to ask permission to the maker

3. IslandIV

Island IV
Another "Place" mod from me, simple just a plain island nothing necessary
Why i'm not release this : The texture is in Low Quality, i can't just released that...

4. ENB

Why i'm not release this ? simply, too dark
And i forgot what kind of ENB i mixed,, so it's difficult to ask for permission

5. Assassin's Creed Liveries

Why ? The liveries look lame, simply i'm afraid everyone don't like it

6. Anime Bus Stop V2

Anime Bus Stop V2
And why ? i'm honestly want to release this in public but i don't have any time..
But you can download this mod from mediafire
Password : part4

i think that's all for now... see you ^^

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