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Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

Driver San Francisco ENB

This game, i admit. From the gameplay.. OK it's pretty boring, but i admit the gameplay is exiting too, i think this game is the one who using "flying soul" system, you will understand when you play it.

But from graphics, honestly it's too gloom, some people want to have a really "sunny" graphics in Driver SF
And again Boris Vorontsov make my dream come true

Well, this ENB isn't for Driver San Francisco, but i bet it'll works for Driver San Francisco

You can download here :
Thanks to metalwars to show me the link

and this is some screen shot of the ENB :

Aston Martin DB5, James Bond Car

Golden Gate Bridge

F**k i love old cars !!

Installation :
Just put the file in Driver SF Directory

Happy playing !


Oh yeah !! if you want to give the game some Motion Blur just do this :
Just fo to : 
my documents > ubisoft > driver san francisco > graphics.ini
Search for "RadialBlur" change value to 1

Thanks to metalwars

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