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Minggu, 09 September 2012

Some GTA SS (SA and IV)

Well, just passing by... dump some Screen Shot..


image host
Sliding By BMW
image host
R35 at Broker Savehouse
image host
Sunset ? Sunrise ?
image host
Once Upon A Time in the Night
image host
image host
image host
BMW In the park
image host
Traffic jam -_-
image host
Aston Martin


image host
Indonesian Police
image host
Indonesian Police
image host
Lens Flare
image host
Adventurer !!
image host
Lost in the field !?
image host
Lost in the city !?

Both of them using ENB that you can download (the base) here :
ENB in the Screen Shot is already edited by me ^^

OK, See you next time !

Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

My Specs

Maybe some people think,,, what's my specs... (or not.. hahaha) so i'm here to tell you about my computer specs :
Processor : Intel i5 2300 (4 Cpu's) 2.8 Ghz

Intel Core i5 2300
GPU/VGA : Digital Alliance Nvidia GTX 560 Ti (1 GB Memory, 256 Bit)

Nvidia GTX 560 Ti

 RAM : V-Gen 2x2 GB

V-Gen 2x2 GB
Mother Board : ASUS PB5 series (i'm forgot what series)
Power Supply : Enlight Black Silver 550w
550w Enlight
Keyboard and Mouse : Not so expensive Logitech K200 and Logitech M100

Monitor : Samsung SyncMaster B2030

Not Full HD ready -.-
CPU Case : Simbadda , i don't know wich one (=,=)

Headphones : S-pro

If you don't know this, then you're normal

My spec based on dxdiag

Processor, RAM, Dx version


I think it's all, so thank you and see you next time

Driver San Francisco ENB

This game, i admit. From the gameplay.. OK it's pretty boring, but i admit the gameplay is exiting too, i think this game is the one who using "flying soul" system, you will understand when you play it.

But from graphics, honestly it's too gloom, some people want to have a really "sunny" graphics in Driver SF
And again Boris Vorontsov make my dream come true

Well, this ENB isn't for Driver San Francisco, but i bet it'll works for Driver San Francisco

You can download here :
Thanks to metalwars to show me the link

and this is some screen shot of the ENB :

Aston Martin DB5, James Bond Car

Golden Gate Bridge

F**k i love old cars !!

Installation :
Just put the file in Driver SF Directory

Happy playing !


Oh yeah !! if you want to give the game some Motion Blur just do this :
Just fo to : 
my documents > ubisoft > driver san francisco > graphics.ini
Search for "RadialBlur" change value to 1

Thanks to metalwars

My Own Mod (But not for released) - Part 2

My recent mod, but i don't released this because many reasons

1. MONAS (National Monument)

Drowned Monas, hahaha
Converted from Sketch Up, to 3D Max to GTA IV and here you are The Monas. Why i'm not released this ? because i don't have any permission from the model maker

2. Triple Liveries for Ferrari 458 Italia

One of those liveries
3 Liveries, Army Skin, Batik Skin, and Contaminated skin... but i neither don't have time to share and to ask permission to the maker

3. IslandIV

Island IV
Another "Place" mod from me, simple just a plain island nothing necessary
Why i'm not release this : The texture is in Low Quality, i can't just released that...

4. ENB

Why i'm not release this ? simply, too dark
And i forgot what kind of ENB i mixed,, so it's difficult to ask for permission

5. Assassin's Creed Liveries

Why ? The liveries look lame, simply i'm afraid everyone don't like it

6. Anime Bus Stop V2

Anime Bus Stop V2
And why ? i'm honestly want to release this in public but i don't have any time..
But you can download this mod from mediafire

Password : part4

i think that's all for now... see you ^^

Dirt 3 ENB

Dirt 3, this Codemaster's game achieved really well reputation in gameplay story and also graphics, but maybe some people just don't get enough with this "charming" graphics, so me, using Boris Vorontsov (The actual maker of this mod) release the Graphics mod for Dirt 3.

You can download it from this video (my video To be Honest ^_^ )

The installation guide and the download link is in there
and if you don't get enough with the video, here some screen shots

My Screen Shot
My Screen Shot

My Screen Shot

Happy Gaming !!!

Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Indonesian Language for GTA IV

Long time no see, and maybe it's already too long to not publish it...

What i'm talking is about Indonesian Language for GTA IV

First of all i will tell about the mod characteristhics :
  • This was a GXT modified files
  • Replace american.gxt (default) but you can change it to another language, simply just rename it
  • it's not 100% replaced the english language one, maybe only some HUD, the rest of them is still in english
  • Compitable with PC and PS3 (Jailbraked/CFW only, sorry) platform

You can watch the mod teaser here :

This is some Screen shot from PC Platform

PC Flatform's statistic

And this is some SS from friend who played PS3

See the bottom right of the picture, and you see it !

Thank you to my friend ^_^

And finally, this is the download link !

Install instruction :

PC Version
  • Download the link
  • IF, the file extention isn't .gxt (like .FILE or something like that) change it to .gxt
  • (Optional) if you want to replace the .gxt to another language, just rename it
  • Replace the .gxt in common/text

Jailbraked PS3 Version
This is pretty complicated, so watch and do that carefully
  • Download the link
  • IF, the file extention isn't .gxt (like .FILE or something like that) change it to .gxt
  • (Optional) if you want to replace the .gxt to another language, just rename it
  • Open common.rpf with OpenIV (Google it, please)
  • Open text folder
  • Click "Edit Mode" in OpenIV
  • Delete at least 1 unnecessary .gxt (to give extra spaces, just do this or your game wont run)
  • Replace the .gxt
  • Now go to your PS3
  • Test it, if the game showing "infinite loading" delete installed GTA IV game in the installed game folder in PS3 (CMIIW) and install again with your modded IV
  • Test again...
  • If you can't play the game, replace the modded with the original one (I don't want any risk)
Happy modding, and i hope you enjoy my mod !

Sabtu, 12 November 2011

Kenyataan Internet di Indonesia

Teringat kembali saya kepada pelajaran Komputer di sekolah beberapa minggu lalu, yang kebetulan membahas tentang internet

Diketahui bahwa internet mempunyai beberapa karateristik seperti Tanpa Batas dan semua orang bisa menggunakan Internet.
Mendengar pernyataan itu saya menjadi bingung menghadapi kenyataan yang terjadi di negara Indonesia yang entah kenapa malah terbalik dengan karateristik Internet

Mengapa ? coba saja kita lihat pada poin poin berikut ini :


Peringkat Internet Indonesia di Mata Dunia

Indonesia, menempati peringkat ke 150 dalam kecepatan unduh dan peringkat 143 dalam kecepatan Unggah, jika kita lihat daftarnya saja sepertinya sudah terdengar lumayan lambat. Tapi itupun baru kecepataan rata-rata saja, kenyataannya hanya sekian persen orang yang bisa mencapai kecepatan unduh 1 Mbps di Indonesia. Sedangkan sisanya terjebak dalam kecepatan internet yang satuannya hanya Kbps


Penghalau dari pengguna Internet untuk menjadi Unlimited, Quota

Poin kedua adalah Unlimited, salah satu karateristik internet. Well, mungkin secara overral sudah banyak internet Indonesia yang Unlimited, terutama dari Provider internet melalui kabel telepon atau Fiber Optik. Tetapi, untuk Provider internet yang menggunakan media Modem USB masih sangat sedikit yang menyediakan jasa internet unlimited, dan biasanya Provider internet yang unlimited adalah provider mandiri, dan yang biasanya memiliki Quota adalah provider yang juga merupakan sebuah penyedia layanan kartu telepon genggam


Kabel yang bisa digunakan untuk menyambung ke internet

Menurut pendapat saya, penggunaan media untuk penyambungan/hubungan internet masih sangat Minim di Indonesia. Kita lihat saja sampai mana coverage dari Kabel Fiber Optik ? Yang saya tahu hanya ada di daerah Ibukota dan kota-kota besar, belum menjarah ke daerah-daerah pelosok. Bahkan saya yang hanya berjarak beberapa KM dari kota masih belum mendapat kabar tentang pemasangan kabel Fiber Optik.

Kemudian saya kembali teringat pada pelajaran komputer di sekolah bahwa Kabel Listrik juga bisa digunakan dalam upaya penyambungan Internet, tapi sampai sekarang sepertinya Indonesia masih belum menerapkan sistem itu, atau mungkin saja sudah diterapkan tapi gagal/masih dalam penelitian

Kemudian dalam jaringan Wirelles, Di luar negeri, tidak usah jauh-jauh. Di Malaysia saja sudah masuk sebuah jaringan Wirelles yang kecepatannya berkali kali lipat dari kecepatan Wirelles biasa dan juga memakai teknologi 4G, tapi sepertinya Indonesia masih belum ada kabar tentang itu


Sebenarnya perbandingan Harga berlangganan internet di Indonesia seperti ini :

Murah tapi Lambat
Mahal tapi Bagus

 Itulah perbandingannya, ada banyak internet yang harganya puluhan ribu tapi siap-siap saja anda berdebu menunggu loading yang tidak selesai selesai, atau pakai yang kecepatannya cepat, siap-siap anda harus mengatur anggaran pengeluaran anda, karena pengeluaran perbulan bisa beratus ratus ribu. Coba kita melihat Jepang, rata-rata orang jepang hanya membayar sedikit kocek untuk kecepatan yang sangat cepat (+Unlimited), dan sangat berbanding terbalik dengan Indonesia. Masalah harga menyebabkan tidak semua orang bisa mengakses internet dengan nyaman

Terakhir, saya ingin menunjukkan kecepatan internet saya :

OK, terima kasih sudah membaca